Educational Farm

Educational Farm

The educational farm is designed for children in preschool and school age and it’s focused on historical, biological, food and environmental values of  country life.
Nature and its products are the aims of teaching modules and, at the same time, a successful way to learn. 

The relationship with animals, seasons and natural biological cycles allow the child to deal with his curiosity, his sensory abilities in order to overcame his fisiologic fears.

The activities are divided into laboratories designed for children of different ages.

- Daily  ( just for school groups )
- The didactic week : English in farm!

Our laboratories:

1) The vegetables .... no more enemies 
2) The cycle of the bread
3) All of the music of nature
4) Animals ... what a great discovery
5) How to become friends ... with a donkey!
6) Movement and balance in the open air!

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